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MICHLOIS INVESTMENT & CONSULT is a privately owned establishment that deals in imports and exports, manufacturing, construction, investment opportunities, media advertising, and is also specialized in marketing companies’ products in Ghana and West Africa.
In our agricultural branch of the company, we produce FML Bar Soap, FML Cake Soap, FML Liquid Soap and FML Shea Butter

Home based Products

We manufacture assorted home cleaning soaps and detergents to make your home antibacterial free whilst  keeping it clean always

Come do business wit us.

With assorted commodities, hand-crafted and manufactured products we are poised for business. We provide business opportunities for distribution, retailing, imports and exports across the African sub region.


Our Services


We manufacture home based products such as laundry soaps, antibacterial hand-wash, detergents and organic shea products which are very good for skin and general use.

Imports and Exports

As an investments trading company, we trade in commodities such as Salt, palm oil, palm kennel oil, handicrafts, just to mention a few.


It’s a fast growing company in the construction industry that has an array of very qualified professionals that add an extra touch of class in your property. It’s a diverse company that is involved in site preparation, road construction, renovation or a new structure construction.

Event Management

A one stop shop event marketing company for all event needs. Our event team has a considerable amount of experience planning your memorable events.


We love big ideas! But our ideas are hinged on insight that has breadth and more importantly, depth. Insight can make or break an ad campaign, and it is how we ensure that our great ideas have great impact!

Print Media

We understand better than most that the product that rolls off our presses is the tangible result of our clients’ hard earned handiwork. This is why, in addition to offering you a wide selection of printing processes to suit your every need.

Our Partners

Ghana Exchange Promotion Council
Food and Drugs
Global Shea Alliance
Chamber of Commerce
Ghana Standards Authority

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